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Monday, January 27, 2014

Film Petit #11: Princess Bride

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like this movie. Even if you don't remember how much you like this movie, watch it again... you will love it. 

Buttercup and Westley, the unstoppable love. They beat everything to be together. Pirates, princes, ROUS, even partial death. And every character and twist in the story along the way adds the hilariousity. 

For clothing, I wanted to sew useful wardrobe items for this one and still make for a fun photo shoot. Of course, I was inspired by Inigo Montoya- the Spanish fencer with a very overdeveloped sense of revenge, and Fezzick the giant. They aren't exact costumes, but I think what I came up with is a little cuter than head to toe brown and dingy pirate shirts!

I showed the kids a few silly sword fighting clips from the movie and they had no trouble getting into character. That's pretty much every day in our house- Elsie is crafty and vindictive while Hendrix remains the gentle and happy big brother. Plus swords and chasing. 

It was REALLY fun to get to take these photos in a friend's incredible home that is basically a castle built in the 19th century. Thanks so much Sara! It was perfect for this movie, especially that ornate dining room. Reminds me of where Inigo finally kills his 6 fingered enemy. The only problem was my conflicted mom instructions that day: "Ok, fight each other, put your swords up! You're pirates!"  "Whoa, stop running! Come back! You are going to destroy lots of very old expensive things!" Poor kids. 

 They were most excited about the eyeliner I scribbled all over their faces. They've been asking for facial hair every day since. I do like the chops on Hendrix.

For Elsie's outfit I made a Charlie Tunic from Made by Rae and simple Oliver & S Playtime leggings.    I had never made the Charlie, and I was so happy with how simple it was and how well it fits. I made the size 3 out of some really nice blue Robert Kaufman chambray and used a fat quarter from my stash for the contrast. She will be able to wear this top a lot without looking like a Spanish fencer. And it's a perfect transition to spring garment. The leggings are a nice soft brown jersey that will get a lot of mileage too. Nothing beats super-quick, one pattern piece leggings!

For Hendrix I got to try a new to me Oliver & S pattern, the Nature Walk Pullover. This garment is so fun to make! I used some woven brushed cotton I had leftover from this old Film Petit and just cut it with the stripes going in different directions for the contrast. The lining pieces are flannel inside so it's extra cozy, and Hendrix loved the pockets in front. I'd love to try another one in bright fleece or something. 

 The pants are my all-time favorite boy pants, the After School pattern. These are size 6, in a super soft but sturdy Shetland flannel by Robert Kaukman. Perfect stylish fit makes me happy, and easy elastic waist makes Hendrix happy. All my fabrics this time came from Sewn Studio!

This time we are really excited to have Jessica of Craftiness is not Optional as our guest! Her Princess and Dread Pirate are just about the cutest thing you've ever seen. She really nailed it.

And my partner in crime Kristin made the most gorgeous dress from Buttercup's wedding. It's so beautiful and such a precious dress-up piece for her daughter. See the MAWWAIGE scene right here.

Thanks for always loving Film Petit, it makes everything so much fun for us! And remember, you can always add your movie-inspired kid looks to the Flickr group here. We love to see them!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Film Petit: Zoolander

2001. Freshman year of college for me, and the peak of that period in our rich American cinematic history when funny things that should have been only as long as an SNL sketch got made into full length features. It was the the hey-day of my generation's stupid comedy. Jim Carrey was starting to do horror movies and trying to win awards, meanwhile Will Ferrell was in everything I called funny.

My roommate and I (hi Kira!!) probably watched Zoolander twice a week that year, at least as background noise to homework. And yeah, it was on VHS. (Damn, I'm old. I don't even know who the new Will Ferrell is right now, and I don't care.)

If you weren't a college freshman in this ridiculous time and you didn't have a fine appreciation for the types of movies I'm talking about, then proceed with caution. This isn't one of those FP's where we stand convicted that everyone's life would be made richer by viewing the movie we are paying homage to. If you see it for the first time now, you may think it's the dumbest thing you've ever seen. Or you may love it. But there are no guarantees. So let's proceed with the one-liners. 

Derek Zoolander is played by Ben Stiller as a "really really ridiculously good-looking" male model at the peak of his career. These ain't no Slashies. He's expecting to win his fourth male model of the year award, but he's upset by rookie model Hansel, played by Owen Wilson, so hot right now. After that and the devastation of losing his three male model roommates in a tragic gasoline fight accident, he decides to retire from modeling. Until designer Mugatu (Will Ferrell) finally wants to hire Derek to be the face of his new "homeless fashion" collection. But it's all a plot to brainwash Derek to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia (the claymation dude) because he's outlawed child labor. "My name is little Cleetus!"

Oh, and there's a Derek/ Hansel walk-off, judged by David Bowie. "Listen to your friend Billy Zane."

The scene I reference in the graveyard is actually the funeral for Derek's three gas-fighting, Wham-listening, orange-mocha-frappucino-enjoying friends. Derek is giving the Eugoogoly, when he is upstaged by Hansel's entourage entering. So hott right now. He's wearing this ridiculous shirt and I just knew I had to make one for Elsie. 

I used the Bimma Sweater pattern by Lou Bee Clothing. I loved it! This is such a cute and original style. You can it with a big cowl attached, a hood, or a smaller shawl collar. I used the shawl option in a size 3 for this, but I can't wait to try the other styles too. I found this weird fuzzy yarn at Joann and just hand stitched it sloppily onto the shirt. I love the way it just hangs haphazardly on the sides. Elsie was mostly jumping off gravestones, but she occasionally found time to work her Hansel shades for the camera too. 

Which reminds me, am I a horrible person for taking my kids to the graveyard for pictures? And is it weird that they enjoyed this setting far more than any other photo shoot ever? They were running around hunting ghosts the whole time. Oy. 

Although he's not a big part of the funeral scene, I really wanted to include Jerry Stiller's character Maury Ballstein. He owns Derek's modeling agency, Ball's Models and is working in cahoots with Mugatu. And he's got a prostate the size of a honeydew apparently, but I didn't use that for Hendrix's acting notes.

Maury is always wearing some sort of crazy tracksuit, even if it's a gold one to a big awards ceremony. Alas, Joann had no gold velour! Not even an ugly paisley print. But I was set on velour. 

So with brown and teal velour, it turned into something off the set of Freaks and Geeks, but the styling is all Maury. By the way, velour is not the most fun I've ever had on my sewing machine. Use a lot of pins, iron on a low setting, and turn your presser foot pressure down really low. Those are just some tips, because I know Hendrix is gonna be bringing velour back on the sewing blogger scene. He loves this outfit. He said he couldn't wait to wear it to school to show his friends. 

"It's a casserole Sheila! IT'LL KEEP!"

The pants are size 6 Oliver & S Art Museum trousers. Did Liesl ever envision them in velour with piping down the sides? I don't know, but they really are a great basic pant shape for this kind of stuff. Of course I left off all pockets. Welts in velour? Ouch. 

The shirt is size 6-7 raglan tee from the book Sewing for Boys, with added front kangaroo pocket, waist and sleeve bands,  and "collar." I put that in quotes because it ended up being a disaster that could barely fit over Hendrix's head. I was sewing late at night and didn't want to figure out how to do the placket this top needed. So I just stuck the collar right on the neckline. I'll take it off later and just put a ribbed neckband on so he can  actually wear it often. Let this be a lesson: some of what we do here on Film Petit is poorly sewn and just for effect. Or maybe I should day some of what I do on Film Petit.  

My favorite thing is that early 80's knit piping on the shoulders. Knit piping is hard to find, but I actually got this stuff when I visited Kristin in Portland this summer. 

It's been a while since the last Film Petit, and I forgot how crazy fun it is! Thanks to Kristin for kicking my ass back into gear. Her kids reenacted the walk-off scene between Derek and Hansel and they are working it. Hilarious. Ambi-turning and everything.

And this time we had SO much fun working with Rae as our guest! Of course, everything she does is stellar, so seeing her take the idea of FP and run with it was such an honor. Her son Elliot knocked it out of the park with award show Hansel. THAT COAT!!! Check it out here.

Now that we are back in the habit, we have a couple more Film Petit plans in the work. To see all my older FP posts, go here, and see all of Kristin's here.

Thanks for being such great Film Petit fans! You guys make it so fun for us when you get excited about these posts :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Film Petit: Napoleon Dynamite

....present friggin' Film Petit. Gosh.

It's a good thing Hendrix was in a very foul mood for photos. His new anti-pictures stance is very Napoleon. 

Rex has always been one of my very favorite parts of this movie. I love everything about him. "Fugit about it!"

I think I'll just fill this post with Rex gifs. No one would object to that, right?

"You're gonna learn to discipline your image. You think I got where I am today by dressing like Peter Pan over here?"

As hysterical as the roundhouse kick pants would have been, the kids needed summer play clothes. So Hendrix got the racer shorts version. I'm sure he could still roundhouse things in these though. I got to use a new pattern that will be released soon from Dana! It's a great pattern, for girls and boys with lots of options. Keep an eye on Dana for its release. I used Lizzy House's Constellations fabric and Riley Blake chevrons from Sewn Studio

 Elsie's kind of Kip from the waist down and Napoleon from the waist up. I made her shorts using Dana's same upcoming pattern and a very nice Robert Kaufman denim. So nice to sew with. I even put lion/ tiger fabric on the pocket linings, but forgot to take a picture!

So, we're pretty much friends by now right? So you got my back and everything right?

On my freezer-paper stenciled shirt, I changed the horse to a llama in honor of Tina. It's so quietly weird. Kinda like the movie. Even though it's not exactly cool anymore to go around dropping ND quotes, they are still just as hilarious as ever. I love it.

Whoa you guys: to see how the pros do it, you have to spend some quality time with our beautiful guest Delia Creates today. WHOA. She is the one who made that awesome intro banner for us too- amazing!! She made THE perfect Napoleon pants, plus hilarious tees and an adorable little Pedro outfit.  And to top it off, she took pictures at the real setting of the movie! Delia has seriously been the sweetest most patient guest ever. Thank you for everything girl!  Go now, it's friggin sweet. 

And Kristin perfectly recreated one of the most hilariously awkward scenes in any movie, let alone this one. Her little Deb and Rico are ADORABLE. See it at Skirt as Top

So that wraps up another edition of Film Petit. You can catch up on past installments here... I'm gonna go practice my sweet dance moves. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Film Petit #8: Back to the Future

Wait, stop. Press play:

  The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News on Grooveshark

Ok now you are ready for this, on your mental skateboard.

Like many people my age, I watched this movie a lot as a kid. I remember once when I was four years old, I was watching my two preteen brothers have a mostly friendly wrestle in the living room. This was not an unusual sight in my house, but for some reason I decided to feign indignation at these shenanigans. I marched right up to them and pointed one finger out in front of me, leaning my whole body into it like a blossoming little George McFly. "Hey you! Get your damn hands off of him!" I don't think I knew which brother should get their damn hands off of which, but I knew I was keeping the peace and standing up for justice and possibly saving people in photographs from being erased. Of course a discussion followed, and my mom wanted to know where I heard that word. When she heard my answer, I wasn't really in trouble any more. Then I told her she was my density.

 Ok, maybe the density part was a stretch, but I remember being a pretty cool four year old, so it's entirely possible. The rest of that story is completely true and one of my earliest memories. It seems likely that this movie taught me how to measure a movie's worth for the rest of my life. The gold standard.

So this is my little Doc Brown. I wanted to do Doc all along, but at first I was thinking of Hendrix. Obviously, Elsie is much more Docish. It shoulda been the obvious choice. 

Crazy hair, naturally, but check out the crazy eye:

Is an all-white summer jumpsuit that zips up the front the most practical Film Petit clothing I've ever made? No, probably the least. But it cracks me up, so I'll still find occasion to make her wear it. I started with the new Oliver & S Pinwheel tunic and then extended the top straight down into shorts instead of the a-line shape of the pattern. I installed the zipper in front, trimmed the neck and sleeves in bias from orange Lizzy House Jewels, and then sewed some thin elastic into the waist. I made the whole thing from an old men's button up in the closet and the rest of the supplies I had on hand, so at least my impracticality didn't cost anything.

The 88 is embroidered on the front pocket in black perle cotton from Sewn. Of course, this is the exact speed required for a DeLorean to time travel. (Everybody knows that.)

The radiation symbol was painted on the back with a freezer paper stencil. Without it, this would just be a pretty cute little romper. The fit needed a tad more length in the body, but that would be easy to fix and make her one out of pretty fabric. I love the ease of the zipper in front. 

I took these pictures in the middle of the square in our neighborhood in Cincinnati. There is no clock tower, but it's kinda got the quaint small town thing going on, and the 20th Century Theater in the background is very retro. I could totally picture an Enchantment Under the Sea dance being held there. 

My favorite scene in Back to the Future is at the dance when Marty gets on stage and starts playing metal for the high school kids in 1955, and they all just stare at him like he has three heads. I may have fallen slightly in love with Michael J. Fox.

"I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it."

Now go see Kristin's very creative interpretation of the DeLorean! I love that she picked the time machine as a character. It looks very BTTF, but not like a kid dressed as a car. Well, just go see.

And we have had so much fun working with Dana from Made on this one! She brought her usual clean and stylish skills to Film Petit and her little Owen is the perfect Marty McFly. Thanks Dana!!

If you are new to Film Petit, here's how it works:

  • Roughly once a month, Kristin and I will post FP on the same day, along with one special guest. We all choose a movie together and sew clothing for our kids inspired by the characters or something else in that movie. They are not kids movies, they are just movies we love to love. 
  • We usually don't tell the movie until the post goes up, but we love for people to sew along and make stuff from their favorites too. You can post your photos in the flickr group.
  • You can see all my past Film Petit posts right here, and Kristin's here
  • Next time we are being joined by Delia! We love Delia!
  • We have the most fun ever. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Film Petit #6: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Everyone loves Ferris. We've done Film Petit 6 times now, and if you are a fan, you know we don't always restrict ourselves to choosing super popular movies. But who doesn't love Ferris Bueller's Day Off? That person probably shouldn't be trusted. 

You know the story. Ferris fakes sick to get out of school, then schemes Cameron and Sloane out too. A day of shenanigans ensues while Ferris' jealous sister and doofus principal try to bust him. Is this the 80's greatest teenage trio of mischief? Undoubtedly.

My favorite scene has got to be the parade in downtown Chicago. Ferris randomly gets up on a float, lip-syncing Danka Schoen and Twist and Shout to the entire city. People even break out in spontaneous choreography in the streets, something that has pretty much been my greatest lifelong dream. (I mean, I used to think about that as a high schooler on a daily basis, way before flash mobs were cool.)

The conversation that Cameron and Sloane are having about life in the midst of all this is part of the genius that is a John Hughes movie: equal parts full-stop fun, teenage angst, and social commentary. You should probably relive the scene right now

This time I knew I needed to copy Ferris' outfit pretty accurately. The pants are not gloriously pleated like his, but even with the more modern fit, I think it's pretty obvious who Hendrix is emulating here, wallet chain and all. They are the Oliver & S After School Pants in size 5. It's hard to tell from the pattern cover that they make great boy pants, but I saw a few pairs other people had made for boys and decided to try it. I love them. The fit is cool, but really relaxed so that he won't grow out of them too fast. I used a bottom weight gray cotton from Joann and they have a slight stretch, making them very comfy and easy for play. Or twisting and shouting.

For the sweater vest I used Blank Slate's Cool Cardigan pattern in a modified size 5. It's a great pattern, I love how there is no guess work in how much ribbing you need to cut. I left off the sleeves, cut the V in the front a little deeper, and made the waistband tighter so it would be nice and blousey. The animal print knit is from Joann as well. It's hilarious on Hendrix and he loves it. He wants to wear it all the time. I might have to end up "coming out" to the other preschool parents about my strange habit of sewing him clothes to dress him up and photograph him in to look like movie characters. Oh nooooo...

We took these photos at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. (I did it all by myself this time, without dragging Nick into it!) People definitely knew what we were doing, but the why was probably a puzzler. Anyway, he did pretty good getting his twist on. He is still singing the song and calling himself Ferris, or sometimes Berris.

Now run fast to see Shannon's amazing little Sloane. Her mini fringe jacket is pretty much the cutest thing ever! We are so glad to have her and her super-talent playing along with us. 

And of course, Cameron is very well represented by Kristin's little guy. Her stencil work is amazing and she took the cutest pictures in a museum. I love it!

Can you imagine if we could have gotten all three of these kids pictured together in the museum? These are the weird things I dream about. 

If you are new to Film Petit, let me catch you up:
  • Roughly once a month, Kristin and I will post FP on the same day, along with one special guest. We all choose a movie together and sew clothing for our kids inspired by the characters or something else in that movie. They are not kids movies, they are just movies we love to love. 
  • We usually don't tell the movie until the post goes up, but we love for people to sew along and make stuff from their favorites too. You can post your photos in the flickr group.
  • Next month we are so excited that Sabra will be our special guest! She is so awesome, especially at the boy sewing. You are gonna die when you see the movie choice :)
  • You can see all my past Film Petit posts right here
  • We have the most fun ever.